We need more gallows to hang our traitors

Dear Swedes!

I have heard, that You have various problems and attacks by migrants from islamic countries. We need also help from our working brothers from Sweden, which believe to the nice future and Russian liberation of Sweden, which is also controlled by CIA and Mosad.

But, We need something another. I have heard, that You have Quality steel. We need It to constructe gallows to hang our traitors. I won’t mention our country, which is under control by nongovernmental organizations supported by Israel, Brussels and United states.

Also, high treason is for us this, if somebody leave our beautiful country. Those people are infected by Chemtrail, which is new weapon constructed by our west enemy. We must also those people execute.

Chinese liberated Tibet

There are full histories, how Chinese occupied Tibed. But, true is another.

In Tibet, there were very terrible punishments. Chinese armies liberated Tibet from those things. Also, if somebody says, that tibetan singing bowls are better, like gong, those people is mad to the sickness with name western american chemtrails disease. Remember, that this disease is worse, like cancer. Due to this disease, people are influenced by this inteligence, which is financed by George Soros and his Khazar mob.

True is also another. Nepal would like to take Tibet and uses an Indian oligarchs of nepalese descends. Ofcourse, People’s democratic republic of China don’t want to destroy India, but Nepalese things, that Chinese want to destroy every country in our world, because Nepal is very weak. This is big stupidity, Chinese don’t want to destroy Nepal and also mostly Tibetians lives peacefully in China.

Finally country, where Wikipedia has been banned

A Turkey government banned Wikipedia, socalled free encyclopedia. We would like to explain You, how It is with Wikipedia. Wikipedia is owned by John D. Rockefeller. Also, those money, which some users pay are not at the Wikipedia, but those money get to Israel. By those money is financed government of socalled jewish state to create wars between Jews and free palestine nation.

Don’t worry, real free encyclopedia is developed in China. We know, that It’ll be also in Russian, maybe in English too.