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Who We are?

We are news without any commercial. We are news portal and there are news, which You want to listen, specifically without thinking. Maybe every news portal is financed by nongovernmental organizations from from abroad. Mostly It is United states, South Korea, or Israel. Nowadays, some of those organizations are owned by George Soros and khazar sionistic mobs. Also, american medias and mostly medias are financed by CIA or Mosad with a terrible task, to create jewish world domination. But, Russia, China and another countries have own sources. Also, for example United states envy to China and Brics, that those countries have a big economy, like U.S., because those money are used to create various conflicts in our world. Also, for example United states have big debts, which have not yet been redeemed. We have own sources for messages, which are absolutely free.